Creating The Perfect Social Media Post

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Creating the perfect social media post is an art that takes time to master.

There is no point in having thousands of followers only to get no interaction because your posts are boring. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest are just some of the social networks businesses are using to interact with and engage with their customers.

Today this post will talk about what goes into crafting the perfect post across all of the major networks.

Each network has it’s own way of displaying information, therefore you can’t use the same technique across all platforms.

Below you will find some tips for posting to the main social media sites, and also an infographic from Neil Patels, Quicksprout,which is an awesome blog which provides information on Social Media, and internet marketing in general.

FACEBOOK – The king of social media in terms of numbers, with over 1.23bn users contributing regularly. The Facebook news feed isnít just based on time but also what it recommends for the user. Write a catchy headline with the promise of providing information, making users want to click.

Include images wherever possible to catch the attention of readers. This also has the effect of making the page more interesting to the eye.

TWITTER – Remember, tweets are only 140 characters long so its important to catch peopleís attention from the very beginning. To do this provide a clear call to action without sacrificing correct grammar and punctuation. Mention the people in your link using an @reply, this will show in their notifications thus increasing the chances of a retweet.

PINTEREST – Pinterest is a social media platform heavily reliant on imagery. If you or your business use images regularly on your website then a great idea would be to post them onto Pinterest. Colour choice is the dominant factor when creating the perfect Pinterest post, this is just human nature as we are attracted to certain colours more than others.

Red/orange images for example get twice the amount of repins than any other colour and is often used heavily in advertising.

GOOGLE+ – Google is offering to the world of social media, Google+ is kind of a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. It utilises hashtags and mentions to display relevant information to users of the website. A big draw to Google+ is the communities section where like minded people can gather and post about a common topic, use this to share relevant content.

INSTAGRAM – Another visual platform where users can edit and share images. If your business uses images then Instagram will be perfect, use hashtags and captions for higher user reach and engagement. The rule of thirds, a common photography technique, should be used to make your images more appealing.

VINE – A quirky social media platform introduced by Twitter where users record short 6 second video clips and upload them ready for sharing. Keep your videos professional by taking time over the editing process, also purchase a tripod to prevent shaky video. Reduce background noise as much as possible, nobody wants to hear your tv in the background whilst watching your video.

TUMBLR – Tumblr has a much younger audience than other social media websites. Choose a nice theme and start to follow people relevant to your niche, this will encourage them to follow back if your content is up to scratch. Like and reblog wherever possible to show your appreciation to the original author.

How to Create The Perfect Social Post

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

I hope you pick up a few tips from my post about creating the perfect social media social post. Social media takes time to perfect and you may not get it right first time but with a little practice building an engaged following shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Let me know in the comments what social media networks you use and why.



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