Promoting Your Website With Social Bookmarking

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Promoting websites by posting to blogs and forums, is a great way to establish traffic and back links to your website.

However it is important that you go about this the right way as if done incorrectly your efforts will go unrewarded, so here are some tips and advice to help you.

1. It is important to post to  forums or blogs that are related to your niche. One of the benefits of this technique for SEO is to create good back links –  and links from unrelated sites will add  little (if any) benefit to your websites, and will be considered spam of done in large quantity’s. (There are exceptions to this rule on authority sites, such as directories and bookmarking sites etc, however these do not tend to be blogs or forums!)

2. To find forums and blogs in your niche go to Google and type in “Your Niche” + “Forum” (Ensure you include the “quotes”), So if I was running a Coffee website, and I was looking for blogs I would type “Coffee” + “Blogs” or “Coffee” + “WordPress”.

3. If you are looking for blogs or forums to create a link back to your webpage, you need to ensure that the comments sections are ‘DoFollow” This means that when you leave your signature, the webmaster is allowing the search engines to follow the link back to your site, and pass on some of the page link juice.

You can do this by looking at the source code of the blog or forums webpage (Right Click>View Source Code), but a far easier way would be to download a ‘free’ plug in which works with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Here is a link to the page

From here you can open the blog or forum webpage that you wish to comment on
Select the SEOmoz icon
Select page analysis tab.
Scroll down to ‘external No Follow Links’

If this figure is very low (Less than the amount of comments left on the blog page) or ‘0’ you can be sure that the link is ‘No Follow’ and you should move on to the next website.

*Please note however, Nofollow links do not mean that you should not get involved, especially if the blog or forum is very active, as you can build trust and reputation within the community, which can create additional traffic to your website.

3. Once you have found a forum or blog that you would like to get involved with, you can comment on a post you have an opinion on. Ensure that your comment is interesting and informative, so that other members of the community can also get involved in the conversation. This will allow you to make further comments and replies, which will enhance the quality of your back-links and establish your reputation as expert within your niche.

5. Once you get the ideal forum that is related to your personal niche, create a personal profile that has an easy username so that other members of the forum can easily remember you. Ensure that your website  is linked to your profile.

6. Finally, develop a habit of visiting the forum or blog on a regular basis in order to read other members posts or threads. Engage the members of the forum community by commenting on their posts or threads.



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