Promoting Your Website with Social Networking

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With millions of people the world over using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it is vital for webmasters to incorporate social networking as a major part in their website promotion efforts.

You will be able to reach out to 100’s potential customers and to promote your website, products and services almost effortlessly, and you will also be able to join some groups related to your business, which will be able to enhance your business further, by sharing each others customers.

Here are some quick easy tips on how to use the most popular social media sites to your advantage:

Promoting Your Website With Social Networking :Facebook
1. Set up a page on Facebook and use it to post special offers for those who like your page.
2. Post a poll on your page that asks your clients fun or interesting questions. For instance if your website is about Golf, you can ask your customers ‘Who is going to win the next US Open?’
3. Interact with customers by asking them to review or comment on any part of your website, or any products that they may have purchased from it.
4. Ensure you make a post of every new article or product you put on your website, and get your fans to like it

Promoting Your Website With Social Networking :Twitter
1. Tweet interesting facts that will draw people to your website. Once people read the interesting information, they will want to find out more.
2. Send tips about how to use your product/services.
3. Tweet pictures that are related to your product.

Promoting Your Website With Social Networking : Pinterest
1. Post as many links as possible. Pinterest revolves around using virtual pinboards to post photos.
2. Post your pins- You can upload pictures that will promote your website. You should also post screenshots of your webpages.
3. Interact with other pinterest users so that you can have a wider circle of friends who are also potential customers. You can interact with fellow users by repining their posts.

There are a lot more social networking sites that you can take advantage of in order to promote your website.Here are the main ones but an online search for ‘Social Networking Sites’ will return many results – there may even be some sites related to your niche!

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My Space
Google Plus



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