Using a Newsletter to Get More Sales

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Almost every successful internet marketer, uses a Newsletter, as they know that subscribers have already shown an interest in their website, or made a purchase, and have decided that they want to know more about what they have to offer

Now whilst the purpose of the newsletter is to increase your sales income, you should first build some trust with your subscribers.. You should show your clients that you are an expert in your field and provide them with helpful hints and tips and information on the products you are selling.

Talk about ‘how to hit a golf ball 280 yards’ if your website is about Golf, or provide articles on back pain relief if you’re a Chiropractor,you should advise them of any free offers or links to coupons that you know about, before trying to sell to them.

Basically your newsletter needs to be delivering as much value as possible, as once you have developed trust, the subscribers will be willing to part with their money when you offer them your product.

So how often should you send your newsletter? Well there are no hard and fast rules, but too much, and subscribers will start to ignore your emails, and worse still unsubscribe. Too little, and you will be forgotten about, so unless you are offering your newsletter for a daily course, once or twice weekly would be recommended.

So how often should you offer your affiliate links or products to your subscribers? I would advise that you integrated offers between the free and useful information you are sending to approximately 3:1, that way you are still providing great value for your clients, and earning your income on the backend of the trust.

Get this right and you’ll have a highly responsive list of happy subscribers and a list that will generate you a good income for years to come.

All Sitgap websites, have a basic built in Newsletter, which is perfect if you just want a single list of subscribers, and want to sent the same message to all of your subscribers.

If you are looking for more contol, or have several sites that you manage, you may want to consider a more comprehensive product, such as, who are probably the internet marketers favorite Autoresponder service.

You are able to create dynamic opt-In Boxes for your website, have professional looking HTML email templates, create unlimited subscriber lists, send timed broadcasts, and much much more.

If you would like to know more about their product and services you can take a look at their website here



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