Your Questions Answered

Q: Are there any other costs or charges?
A: The only additional charges you will have to pay is the website hosting charge, of $59.40, which is payable prior to us transferring the website to you. Please note that hosting is pre-paid and non refundable, which enables us to keep our prices low This cost renewable annually. The Domain Name Renewal charge to Godaddy (Approx $9.95 or less) will also be payable after the first 12 months. If you are not using the existing hosting, and would like us to install the site to your server, there will be a $25.00 installation charge.

Q: What happens next if I win the auction?
A: You will receive an email, after you have made payment, with step by step instructions, on how to join the merchants programs (e.g. Google, eBay, Amazon & Clickbank). Once they have forwarded your affiliate ID’s you need to enter them into a form that we will send you. Once completed the form should be sent to us, and we can then begin to update the website with your new ID’s which will enable you to be paid by the merchant. We will aim to have your new site live within 3 working days – often a lot faster. Please note we cannot guarantee acceptance into each merchants program, however we will offer advice on how to complete your application.

Q. Do you sell 100’s of copies of the same website?

A: No. We limit the amount of each website to around 40 copies before we totally redesign the site and add new content and images. You shouldn’t worry about duplicate content as these sites have between 15 -20 articles that you are encouraged to replace and/or edit. Plus as you build your business and website you will be adding new content on regular basis so your site will be unique.

Q: I’ve never ran a website before – What Knowledge do I need?
A: Absolutely None! Your new website updates automatically, so no work is required to maintain it. However you will probably want to grow your site, by adding more articles. This is a simple process that can be managed from the sites control panel.

Q: Do you run my new website for me?
A: No. This is your business, and the operation is down to you. Advertising and promotion of your business, are not included with the purchase of this website.

Q. Is the website easy to edit/change.
A. Yes the site has its own control panel which makes editing and adding content simple.

Q: Can I make money from this website?
A: Absolutely! Websites and Internet Marketing are; proven money-making businesses and you can start generating income immediately through pay-per-click, and by posting to forums and blogs with link back to your site. For your website to generate natural search engine traffic will not happen overnight, and if you study the SEO optimization course, given as a bonus here, you will be well on your way to an automated income system.

Q: Can I have a refund if don’t like the website?
A: Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds. We have the cost of the domain name, as well as the hours going into building the website and updating the codes etc. You able to see the actual site in operation before you decide to buy, and with proper promotion and marketing, your income will quickly out weigh the cost of purchase.

Q: How long does it take for my website to be ready?
A: We aim to have your website ready within 3 Working Days of receiving the required information from you, often a lot quicker.

Q: Can i change the existing and add new articles to my website?
A: Yes. The articles are Private Label, which mean they can be edited and classed as your own work (In fact we encourage this) You can also add additional content, banners, affiliate links, and any other changes you prefer as you have  100% ownership of the site.

Q: Can I resell my website?
A: No. This website is sold with personal use rights only, it is not sold with any resale rights, You may not make copies of the website and resell them as this would breach the terms of our copyright.

If you have any other questions of concerns don’t hesitate to contact us here.