How To Add Image Thumbnails to New Articles

In the previous post I discussed where you could find plenty of free images to go with your new articles that you want to publish on your website. Now I will show you how you can upload and use those images as thumbnails.

Firstly you need to be logged in to your website’s dashboard and then you need to click on “Add New” under “posts” on the left.

You can then enter your article title and your article body into the spaces provided.

Once that is done you need to upload your image using the “Add Media” button as shown below:

Next a box will pop up where you can choose your image file from your computer you wish to upload.

When you have found your image and it has completely upload you will be able to scroll down the box until you find your “Image Link URL”.

Then you need to click on “File URL” as shown above. Next you need to copy and paste the URL you see in the box into your custom fields.

To do this right click on the link to copy it. Close down the “add media” box. Scroll down your page until you find the custom fields.

When you get to custom fields either choose “hpbottom” or “thumb” from the drop down box (depending on which category you are putting your new article in). Then paste your image URL in the space to the right.

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