How To Back Up Your Website Files

If you own or work on any kind of websites online then you should know how important it is to create back up copies of your website files. Any number of things can happen to your website, including uploading a plugin that causes your website to seemingly disappear to wrongly editing the wrong file – or even getting hacked! If any of these things should happen to you then all of your hard work will be lost.

However, if you regularly back up your website files and keep a copy of them safe you can easily restore your website to it’s former glory. Here is how you can quickly and easily back up your site’s files.

What do you need to backup?

All of Sitegap websites are built on the WordPress platform which means you will have two sets of files you need to download.

1. The websites files.
2. The database file (This is where all of your content and setting s are stored).

Now that we know what we need to back up we can get started.

How do you back them up?

1. First you need to log into your website’s CPanel by typing in your websites URL followed by /cpanel in your address bar and enter your login details -like this:

2. When you are in cpanel click on “File Manager” and choose your domain name from the drop down list.

3. Then when you are in file manager highlight all of your website files, right click your mouse button and choose “Compress”. Choose “Zip” file and give it a name. Once it has then finished compressing you can then download this zip file to your desktop. It will contain all of your main website files.

Next you need to back up your database file.

4. To do this go back to the front page of your capnel and click on “PHPMyadmin”. Then choose your database name from the left hand side.

5. The simply click on “Export” on the top navigation bar and click on “Go”. You can then save this file to a safe place on your computer.

You may want to create a new folder on your desktop and name it the same as your website. You can then place your website files and your database file in it for safe keeping.

Remember you should not only back up your website files when you receive your website but do it on a regular basis too – so all of your back ups are up to date.

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