Promoting Your Website With BacklinksAs a webmaster, you will obviously looking to promote your website by creating backlinks to it, as this is one of the best and important ways of increasing your websites ranking.

Any backlink from another website, that points back to your website, is classed as a ‘vote’ by the major search engines, and they give higher rankings to sites with more votes, as it considers that your website has gained trust and respect from other webmasters.

However, it should be noted that not all back links are equal, you should look to promote your website by creating backlinks from websites and blogs that are related to your own niche, or from well ranked authoritative sites such as article directories sites,bookmarking sites and social networking sites.

For this reason, it is advisable to come up with solid link building strategy, as back links play a vital role in enabling you to get and keep a good ranking for your website and will get your new content indexed faster.

Here are some great ways that you can promote your website by creating back links


1. Create reciprical links with other webmasters in your niche. (ie they put an ad with a link on your site, and you do the same on theirs)

Ensure that when you create your ad/link that you include your targeted keyword as the ‘hyperlink’ in the title (This is called Anchor text)

For Example, this is a typical reciprical link we would use.

Websites For Sale
A stunning collection of ready made websites
for sale at better than great prices

You will see that ‘websites for sale’ is the title, this is my targeted keyword, and would go to my webpage that I am looking to rank, and this would point back directly to the webpage that I want to rank well for.

Don’t forget, this ad on the reciprocal site is not only creating a back link, it can also generate visitors, so the Description should an enticing description for the visitor to want to click on your link.

Your url : This should be to your website home page, creating a second backlink from the same Ad.


2. Try and get backlinks and .gov websites. This is not so easy, but could have a huge ranking advantage over your competition if you can get one or two links for .edu or .gov sites pointing back to your website.

To start looking for authorative websites related to your niche, open the Google search engine,and enter < inurl:resources “Enter Your Niche Here”>

Go through each of the results, and see if there are any partner pages,or if you are able to comment on any posts. Alternatively you could offer to write an article for their website, in return for allowing you to keep your link in the article.

It will take additional time and effort to achieve a .gov or .edu link, and many people are trying to do the same thing, but it really will be worth the time and effort, and will having a really positive effect on your website ranking.


3. Get links from Social Bookmarking sites, is an easy way to get some backlinks from high ranking websites, however the trick is to get others to bookmark your pages, as if you have a bookmarking site with 100’s of bookmarks pointing to your website, this would be considered as spamming.

By having great content on your website, and ‘share’ buttons of the popular bookmarking services, (These are standard in all Sitegap Websites) will ensure that you create viral links, for every peice of content on your website.


4. Article Marketing is another great way to create some valuable back links to your website. Write an article optimized to your chosen keywords, and post it to one or two of the popular article sites, ensuring that you create a backlink in your signature. Article sites allow other to post your content on their websites, complete with your signature, so if your article is popular, you can find that just one article could generate several (or even 100’s) of one way links back to your website.


Finally, if you would like to outsource your link building efforts, one of my favorite marketers Brad Callen has put together a program that automates the whole link building system for you. Brad is an SEO expert and is proven to improve site rankings and hit the first page of Google for the most competitive markets.

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