Video Promotion ImageAs many of you will know, that promoting your website for maximum exposure is ongoing process, and using as many different promotion techniques as possible is the most effective ways to reach out to your potential visitors and consumers.

A great way to promote your website is by creating a video, as you will be able to increase the number of visitors you have on your website and also to persuade them in an engaging manner.It is a known fact some people react better to some form of media than others, this way you won’t be leaving money on the table.

It is also a proven fact that the use of video increases conversions, and I will mention some of the most important benefits when it comes to leveraging video in order to reach your goals:

1. Create a deeper connection with your customers faster. When they are watching video they usually focus all of their attention on it.
2. It’s one of the most powerful ways to promote your website.
3. Your website visitors are more motivated to act now instead of later.
4. You will be many steps ahead of most of your competitors.
5. You reach out to more potential customers as you will be creating and using media other than text.
6. You can be positioned as an expert in a reliable way.
7. You can get really creative and have lots of fun along the way.
8. Possibilities of increasing conversion rates are much higher.
9. It is a relatively inexpensive way of reaching prospective website visitors.
10. Increase visibility in search engines is a strong reason to make use of online video.

Whats more, if viewers like your video and share it, it could go viral, which will create a wealth of massive and free advertising for your website.

Here is a short list of the webs most popular video submissions sites, a Google search will reveal more of required.

You Tube
Daily Motion