Promote Your Website With Article Marketing

For many successful webmasters, article marketing is one of the main sources of traffic for their websites, for several reasons :

1) it is free or very low cost.
2) It creates increased exposure from high ranking article directory’s.
3) It allows one way back links, which will increase the ranking of your website.

So how does article marketing work? :

1) Firstly you would write (or have written for you) a 3-400 word article targeting a keyword that you would like to rank for.

2) You then submit this article to one or more of the major article directories, complete with a title, description and your web address. You would also add a bio of yourself, in which you can include information about yourself and a link back to your website.

3) The directory will review, and (hopefully!) approve your article, which will then be published.

4) Your article will quickly be indexed in Google and other search engines this is due to the high page rank, and consistent updating of the popular article directories.

5) Once your article is published, other webmasters, are then free to use this content on their own websites, as long as they keep your links and bio in-tact This will give your website even more exposure and additional back-links.

Because the major article directories are ranked well at the search engines, your article title and bio becomes a valuable back-link to your own website, which will include keyword rich anchor text from your title. It will also generate a steady stream of traffic to your website, as visitors will read your article and follow the link to your site for more information.

All in all article marketing is a great and free resource for getting traffic, and a single article will work for you for many years, as articles are rarely removed,

So if you are a good writer, and are able to write a good 3-400 word article, targeted to your keyword, then article marketing is a totally free way of generating additional traffic to your site with the added benefit of a quality back links.

If you feel that writing articles is a daunting task, or too time consuming, then why not consider outsource the writing, to a company such as iWriter

iWriter offer an article writing service where you can order unique articles from just $2.00 per article.

You can specify the keywords and give multiple instructions on how you would like the article written. Whats more, if you are unhappy with the article, you can reject it an have another writer do it again for you.

At Sitegap we use for much of our web content and article submissions, although we do prefer to use the ‘expert writers’, they cost a little more, but the quality of articles are first class – however the choice is entirely down to you.

Whatever your choice Article Marketing really should be a major part of your website promotion, and one that will bring you a constant stream of traffic and long term rewards at very little or absolutely no cost.

Here is a short list of Article Directories you should use. You can use Google for a more comprehensive list


Article Writing Tips.
1. Ensure that you write articles for keywords that you want to rank for. You should carry out keyword research to ensure that you are targeting a keyword or phrase that you can compete for.
2. Once your article is live, bookmark it at several of the popular bookmarking sites. This will allow give your article some additional exposure.
3. If you are submitting the article to several article sites, change up the titles and if you can, try to change up the article. This will avoid duplicate content and increases the chance of both, or more of your articles to be found in the search engine listings.

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