social bookmarking iconsPromoting your website with Social bookmarking is the process of adding your new webpages or posts to a Social Bookmarking website, such as Delicious, Digg or Stumble Upon

As many of the top bookmarking sites are ranked well, and are constantly updating, Google and the main search engine spiders visit frequently. This means they will find and follow the link to your website which will get your page indexed very quickly.

In addition to the indexing advantage, the good search engine Page rank many of the bookmarking sites have will provide valuable back-links (providing the site allows ‘do follow’ links!). This is ‘must have’ SEO feature that we will discuss in a seperate article.
So what other benefits are there to promiting your website with Social Bookmarking?

As well as the obvious back-link and ranking benefits, you will also be sharing the bookmark with other users of each bookmarking site. If these users like what they see and share your link, this will give you excellent exposure to a wider audience. Whats more this process can cause a viral effect creating additional traffic, and almost certainly more sales!

For this if you who using article marketing, as one of your marketing strategies (And you should be!), you can add some additional strength to the process by bookmarking your article directly from the article directory – a good article site, will have boomarking and share links directly below the article to make the process easy.

However you should be careful not to over do it, as if Google suddely sees 20-30 bookmarks in one day, you could be considered a spammer, so keep it under control and bookmark the article 2 or 3 times with different boomarking sites daily. If you are consistantly bookmarking and writing articles, it may be wise to put together a strategy or action plan.

As well as bookmarking your own articles, you can direct your Social Networking friends, and work colleagues to your articles and ask them to share your article or web page to their social network, this will again generate an additional flow of traffic, and hopefully some new customers for your service of product.

There are many great social Bookmarking services online, and you should join as many as you can, as you can then spread your bookmarks out over time.

Here are some of the most popular ‘Do Follow’ services that you should definately join, these will promote your website with backlinks – A Google search will provide many more


Also you should use these ‘No Follow’ sites for the sharing and traffic generation benefits

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