Terms and Conditions

All of Sitegap’s websites are covered by international copyright and the copyright is owned by PD Osborne of Sitegap.com. If you copy and/or resell Sitegap’s websites without prior permission. you will take legal action and you will be prosecuted.

1.Resale of Sitegap Websites

The sale of a Sitegap website is for personal use, and for use in your personal business only. You may only sell the website (Modified or unmodified) with the domain name it was originally set up with, and with prior permission from Sitegap.

2. Modification of Sitegap Websites

You are authorized to make modifications to your website, however you may not claim ownership or state that you are the designer of the website, modified or unmodified.

3.Content Modification

The articles on the website are either custom written, or are private label. You are free to change, edit and/or re-write the content of the articles. You may not resell the articles, without first making significant modifications.

4.Image Copyright

All images used on the websites are purchased and copyrighted by their respective owners. and are subject to limited use. You do not have the rights to resell the images used on the website under any circumstances.

5. WordPress Plug In Copyright

Plug-ins used on our WordPress websites, are either open source of have been purchased with a developers licence. If you use any licensed plug in, on a different website without first obtaining the proper licence, you will liable for damages and copyright infringement.


Sitegap reserves the right to change and modify these terms without any prior notice

APRIL 2010