The Importance Of Keyword Research in SEO

Keywords play an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because keywords are the words that potential customers are using when searching for your product or service.

Keyword research is perhaps one of the most important factors of SEO and must be done correctly in order to obtain the results you are looking for. With the right keyword research, you could get your webpages to the top of Google searches, increase your websites traffic, and increase your sales.

If all of these factors are important to you and your business then you need to get a firm understanding of the importance of keyword research.

Depending on your business, there is a possibility that you may be using very common keywords. For example if you own a shoe store, you are probably competing with thousands of other shoe stores on the Internet. Now you could use the obvious keywords such as shoes, sneakers, or sandals, but the truth is, all of those other shoe stores are probably using the same keyword, making it very difficult for your webpage to compete.

A better option in the choice of keywords would be to target ‘Long Tail keywords’. These are phrases that people type into the search engine to find what they are looking for

Let me explain. You will have much greater success, if you target a long Tail Keyword such as ‘Red High Heel Shoes’ or ‘Black Leather Loafer’ and write an article targeting those particular phrases. Therefore when a customer types in those words, you will hopefully rank higher than the website owner who has simply targeted the keyword ‘shoes’

There will obviously be less traffic using this method, but the amount of long tail keywords is limitless, and find the right ones with the right research, you will recieve great targeting traffic to your website.

Keyword research can not only help you find unique keywords, but it can also help you learn about the effectiveness of the keyword, such as how many people searched the term, how competitive it is, how many other websites are targeting etc,

So how do you find out all this information, and the best keywords to use? Well the answer is by using specific software

There are some free online resources that will help you find keywords, however there are obvious restrictions, and you will not be able to drill deep into the keyword, and find out many of the details that a professional keyword software will.

Here are some links to some of the better free keyword tools

Wordtracker Free

Bing Keyword Tool


A far better option would be to use the excellent Jaaxy. This awesome online keyword research tool will provide you with almost any keyword that has been searched for on Google and other search engines, how much competition it has, and gives you information of how easy it would be to rank for your chosen keywords.

What this means is that when you are writing content for your website, you are going to know the exact keywords that your customers are searching for, and target that particular keyword or phrase which you know will be effective and profitable.

For further information on the importance of keyword research please check out Jaaxy, this will be a product that you will use daily and is a must have product for any serious webmaster, and a tool that you will use daily.

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